Beautiful Sardinia

Our journey from Menorca to Sardinia was about 220 miles and took two days and one night, with unfortunately no wind a lot of the journey but with a flat calm sea and sunshine so it was still very enjoyable even with the motor on.   On the first day we spotted a Giant Devil Ray leap out of the water, and after the first jump and splash we couldn’t be sure what it was, so it leapt out again for us to get a better look!   Wow, none of us had ever seen anything like it and after the usual googling we discovered that these creatures are native to this part of the Med and have been known to leap out of the water, thought to either attract a mate, or catch prey – but we rather liked to first option!

Then a loggerhead turtle bobbed by, we thought it was maybe a dead bird until the head came out the water and then back in. As the day progressed we spotted more and more, and on day two a large one not only lifted its head to look at us but then a flipper came out the water too!  Overnight on my watch we had a small pod of dolphins pass by but they didn’t come close almost as if they were on a mission to get somewhere.

As Sardinia came into sight, our calculations estimated that we would reach the very shallow Fornelli’s Passage in between the North West corner of Sardinia and the Island of Aspinara at nightfall as we had arrived quicker than anticipated due to conditions.  We decided that this might not be the best time to be negotiating amongst the rocks and shallow waters, so diverted to a bay on the West coast near Alghero.  As the sun set we rounded Cappo Caccio, very tall beautiful cliffs, and were greeted by flocks of swifts and shearwaters. The most wildlife we have seen in ages!   We anchored in Cala del Bolla which is stunning and after a good meal and a game of cards we settled down for the night in calm conditions.

It has been a great journey and to share it with my Mum has been awesome, she loves sailing and boating and has enjoyed a very different pace of life with us!

These photos are of the cliffs at Cappo Caccio W Sardinia and our anchorage, the beautiful sunset was taken by my Mum. We explored the cliffs the following day and looking back at the views across the bay was spectacular. At the top you can see back to the bay one side and over to the Sardinian Sea the other, breathtaking!

m_West Sardinia2m_Sunset at Cappo Caccia Ciff

m_View of Cala del Bollo towards Algherom_Mum at Capo Caccia with Isla Forada behind

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