Saying Goodbye to Hawaii at Makua Bay, Oahu

Our last anchorage in the Hawaiian Islands was supposed to be for one night while we got the dinghy and outboard motor packed up, but when we arrived into the stunning Makua Bay on the north west of Oahu we just felt the need to stay a little longer.  Clear blue water, a long sandy beach with volcanic rock dotted about and the grand Makua Valley behind all add to the spectacular scenery here.   During World War II the military took over the Makua Valley for a bombing range and still use this valley today.



An afternoon’s entertainment watching this helicopter collect water and dump it inland



Clouds roll in to the valley late afternoon

It was great to have our last swim and snorkel in warm waters before heading to Alaska, and yesterday morning Jez swam over to a group of spinner dolphins across the bay and got to snorkel with these beautiful playful creatures.



Jez heading off in search of dolphins



Snorkelling back to the boat escorted by dolphins


What a great way to end our visit here, now we are packed up and ready to move on. The duvet is out and ready along with thermals and wet weather gear, next stop Sitka in South East Alaska 2600 miles away.

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