Sizzling in Sitka

Our day today started with thick fog, as it burned off mid morning with glorious sunshine for the rest of the day we set off to explore Sitka with a walk through the forest and a visit to the Alaska Raptor Centre where they rehab birds of prey ready for release back into the wild.



We spotted this Bald Eagle in a tree overhanging a boardwalk trail to the forest




The Raptor Centre has 21 Bald Eagles in their impressive rehab centre where they get them flight fit again before release, we could view them through one-way glass to keep them from too much human contact.  Most of the injuries are caused by collisions, airplanes and power lines included. They also have several birds including owls in  permanent residence as their injuries were too bad and have affected their hunting abilities.


Bald Eagle in permanent residence



This Golden Eagle had collided with a power line, his right wing was so badly damaged they had to amputate part of it.



Hey Bear!  Pleased that this was the only bear we encountered today


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