We decided to leave Portosin despite unfavourable winds and misty rain, we would prefer to be at sea and very often the conditions are better further out than onshore.  So midday sailed out of the Ria and continued to put in long tacks throughout the night, whilst conditions certainly improved the wind did die a little which made slow progress, but we weren’t in any rush.  Early morning, just before sunlight, we could make out Isla Cies in the darkness before tacking back out to sea once more ready for the correct wind angle to enter Bayona.    We arrived at Bayona around 9am and anchored outside the marina, inside the protection of the harbour wall.  Dinghy ashore to explore after a little sleep, and we were welcomed by sunshine and a very  beautiful town.  Well kept, lovely public areas and beaches and a grand Castle on the headland,   I would highly recommend this as a stop over.  A quick check of the weather and the winds were due to swing Westerly some time during the day, then veer north/north west early morning– perfect for our sail south.  With a three day window of N/NW winds we decided to continue on to get around Cape St Vincent before the wind changes.

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