Almerimar, Spain

After a mixture of weather and sea conditions, we arrived at Almerimar in Spain late on Sunday evening, ready for our lift out of the water on Wednesday to do some repairs.  We sailed close hauled for the majority of the journey, occasionally motoring when the wind died to 5 knots or less as with the sea against us Joy couldn’t get any momentum.  We passed a very strange looking passenger ship with five masts as the sun went down and as we watched it motor on we could see the party lights flashing on the deck for some time afterwards.

On the last day we had light winds behind us so goose-winged for an hour or so with the main and mizzen out one side with preventers, and the genoa out the other. It worked really well and felt very balanced on the helm.  Then we decided to get the Big Fella out (let me explain, Jez hasn’t become a naturalist, that’s what we call the assymetric sail!) and had a very peaceful sail for the day, this is my favourite point of sail – downwind or thereabouts.  Close hauled seems fast and furious in comparison, heeled over and helming with one foot on the deck the otherside to balance yourself.  Going about your everyday chores and functions is very tiring as you need to be something of a mountaineer.  If you can imagine cooking or going to the toilet in a roller coaster that’s tipped on its side, it’s not easy. I have added a few more bruises to my collection!

Almerimar has a very pleasant marina, although there are still whole apartment buildings surrounding the marina which are completely empty from new build several years ago.  However, we did notice that they are now being marketed and so hopefully they will start to fill up.   There are lots of bars and restaurants, the sun is shining and the people are friendly. The boat yard is very busy with lots of boats out for the winter season all being given some tlc.  We are replacing the aquadrive which is like a CV joint between the gear box and prop shaft as it has started a nasty rattle, well that’s what we are hoping it is anyway.  We should be out of the water for a week, and then all being well our next stop will be Gibraltar to refuel.  Still eating tuna by the way!

m_5 Masted Ship


Sailing goose-winged

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