Final Preparations for ARC+

Well we had a great fancy dress party last night with fellow ARC+ participants.  A last minute dash to the fancy dress shop late afternoon after some very good seminars, and we were sorted. For three very unenthusiastic fancy dressers, we danced all night and were the last ones to leave ha ha, and haven’t laughed so much in ages. Check out the pictures (our crew mate Graham is the one with the ears!), Jez started the evening with stick on eyebrows, tash and goatie, and as the night went on the tash came off and the boys played a trick on me sticking the goatie on me in different places and moving it around without me knowing!!  When I finally discovered it stuck on my shoulder, they owned up to it being on me for some time!  By the end of the evening Jez’s eyebrows had made it down to his upper lip and he had lost his cape. This morning we have laughed heaps too at the photos on my phone, you can judge the timing of the piccies throughout the evening by how much facial hair Jez has left, and where it is!   Top night.

Today the boys went over the rigging in great detail, checking everything and making sure we are good to go.  I even went up the mast as a practice, my first time up so I took my camera for some pictures.  It was a bit scarey but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

m_Up the Mastm_Las Palmas Marina

Early night tonight, we have deliveries of drinks and dry goods arriving tomorrow then a farewell party in the evening.  Final last minute bits to do Saturday, and then across the start line Sunday lunchtime.

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