Diving in Little Cayman

Bloody Bay is located on the north side of the island and has numerous mooring balls at various dive sites along the coastline.  There is something for everyone here, wall dives and shallower coral gardens with lush purple fans waving in the swell.  We chose the site ‘Marylin’s Cut’ as it has a heavy duty 2-pin mooring perfect for Joy.

m_Big grouper and coral

m_Black Durgon

Black Durgon

m_Grouper being cleaned

Say ‘Ahhhh’, a grouper at the ‘cleaning station’

m_Lots of fish and elkhorrnm_Ple grouperm_Purple fan

m_Queen Trigger Fish

Queen Triggerfish

m_Small yellow fish and coral

m_Turtle eating coral2

A Hawksbill turtle clings to the wall whilst munching coral

m_Wavy coralm_Yellow coral

Our three days of good fortune came to an end as the weather deteriorated sooner than forecast, forcing us back to the south of the island.  The swell had increased making it impossible to deploy the dinghy from the davits and after a few telephone calls we got permission to clear out from Little Cayman instead of returning to Cayman Brac.  Keith from the Department of Environment kindly came out to collect Jez in his launch and take him ashore to meet the District Officer who completed our paperwork to allow us to leave for Grand Cayman.  The generosity and kindness of people on these two small islands is so refreshing.  We really weren’t keen on breaking another mooring, so set sail late afternoon for the 86 bumpy miles to Grand Cayman.

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