The Storm Approaches

Mother nature always has a way of changing our plans, dictating what we do and where we go, a reminder that she is the most powerful element of our lives as sailing folk.  We have been watching a strong tropical wave associated with an area of low pressure winging its way across the Atlantic from the African coast over the past week. Becoming more organised as it progresses west, warnings have now been issued to the southern Windward Islands as well as Venezuela and the Dutch islands of Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba.  We were almost set to head south from Martinique for the hurricane season, yet this storm will pass over Grenada and Trinidad which are two of the most popular hide outs for yachties during this active storm season.


Double Trouble – Tropical Storm Two approaches the Caribbean as another system develops over the Yucatan Peninsular


Here in Martinique (third main island up from the dark green zone in the picture above) we are forecast to get 25-30 knots which is pretty much what we are getting today and we will escape the storm force winds, as the system passes beneath us over Trinidad and Tobago early tomorrow morning bringing heavy rain. So here we stay for a few more days.

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