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Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) Revisited

Arriving in busy Tahiti brought two benefits, absolutely wonderful protection from strong winds and impressively big swells, and an Apple repair centre.  So I have finally got my computer fixed and retrieved my photos.    Fatu Hiva, the southern most … Continue reading

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Having a “Swell” Time in the South Pacific

As we started to approach the ‘Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone’ at around 4° N, the asymmetric sail was put away mainly due to the threat of squalls. The wind had increased slightly so we set up our pole attached to the … Continue reading

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What a Whopper!

First light on Friday morning revealed a tear in the asymmetric sail, the night had been a difficult one with the wind dropping below 8 knots at times causing the sail to flog. As the sun rose the wind filled … Continue reading

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Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow!

After leaving La Paz last week we made our way south out of the Sea of Cortez towards the Cape. The new moon had meant some interesting waltzes with strong currents in the anchorage at La Paz making getting our … Continue reading

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And We’re Off!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks getting last minute jobs done and a mammoth reprovision for the next 7 months of cruising the South Pacific Islands.  We spent most of yesterday on the paper trail to clear out of … Continue reading

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Hawaii to Alaska – Day 11, 1560 nautical miles

Sailing away from Oahu, Hawaii in the calm waters protected by the island was glorious but short lived. Makua bay lies just a couple of miles from the north west point and once past this the full fury of wind … Continue reading

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Isla Taboga (Panama) in Pictures

While we were Pacific side in Panama we spent a few glorious days on the small island of Taboga, here are some of my photos (better late than never!).

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Day 29 at sea – 4,035 miles

A walk around deck at first light reveals the treasures that Neptune has offered up during the night hours. For the first thousand or so miles we were given squid, silent visitors slipping in on a wave unnoticed. Then came … Continue reading

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Day 16 at Sea, 2000+ nautical miles into the Pacific

After leaving the island chain of Las Perlas we bashed south westwards away from the Gulf of Panama in search of the south east trade winds. Of course we haven’t had the luxury of waiting for a suitable weather window … Continue reading

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Taking the Plunge into the Pacific

After the tiring but excellent canal transit we spent a very rolly night on a mooring ball (actually it was an old car tyre) at the Balboa yacht club for the handsome price of US$41 with a free launch which … Continue reading

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