Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) Revisited

Arriving in busy Tahiti brought two benefits, absolutely wonderful protection from strong winds and impressively big swells, and an Apple repair centre.  So I have finally got my computer fixed and retrieved my photos.    Fatu Hiva, the southern most in the Marquesan chain, was a memorable stop for us so I can at last share with you the beauty of the island that we left behind in May.

Bay of Virgins-squashed

The Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva. An impressive anchorage. 

Hanavave Village Street-squashed

                                                                    Hanavave Village street.                                                                           Every garden is bursting with fruit trees including pamplemousse, bananas, mangoes and oranges.


Crucifix top of hill-squashed

Our goal – The crucifix at the top of the hill 

Copra Shed Hanavave-squashed

Copra is still produced on the island, this drying shed has a sliding tin roof to allow the coconuts to dry in the sun

A bull and his friend-squashedBanana Trees-squashedTrack to waterfall-squashed

Waterfall Fatu Hiva-squashed

The waterfall was just a trickle

Fatu Hiva-squashedFatu Hiva views-squashedFatu Hiva Views narrow road-squashed

White Fairy Tern-squashed

Such a beautiful bird with a beautiful name –  A Fairy White Tern

Fatu Hiva North-squashedFatu Hiva landscape 3-squashedFatu Hiva landscape 2-squashedFatu Hiva views from hill-squashed

View over village of Hanavave-squashed

Looking down at the village of Hanavave nestled in the valley

Fatu Hiva views down Hanavave valley-squashed

Views from road West Fatu Hiva2-squashed

Over the hill – a view of the west coast of Fatu Hiva

Who's looking at Moo-squashed

Volleyball Hanavave-squashed

Volley ball seems to be the Villagers’ game of choice

BAY OF VIRGINS busy anchorage-squashed

Evening sun lights up the popular Bay of Virgins





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3 Responses to Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) Revisited

  1. florence1924 says:

    So pleased that you could retrieve such beautiful photos to share with us!! Fabulous – what a lush island! xxxxx


  2. Sue Adams says:

    Brilliant photos, thanks for sharing X


  3. That was lovely–thanks! I really like the villagers playing volleyball with the bright blue sea behind them!

    Liked by 1 person

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