Wanting more of Moorea

Another night arrival in the Society Islands, but this time the channel through the reef had its leading lights in full working order.  After a pleasant sail from the southern end of Tahiti we made a midnight entrance into Moorea, passing twenty or so yachts crammed into a small anchorage behind the reef we proceeded into the almost empty large deep bay of Opunohu, anchoring behind a large superyacht.   It’s always nice to wake up in a new place and see your surroundings for the first time, Opunohu Bay is quite possibly the most scenic anchorage we have had in the South Pacific so far.  It is surrounded by lush green mountains and rolling hills with a mixture of livestock and crop plantations.


Opunohu Bay

After an excellent hike up the valley to visit some archaeological sites and a viewpoint called Belvedere, with views north across both Opunohu and Cooks Bay, we discovered a network of hiking and cycling trails across the northern part of the island.



The trail across the mountain disappearing into the clouds


This ancient site is believed to have been part of an archery competition arena



Looking north from the rainy viewpoint, Opunohu Bay on the left and Cooks Bay on the right

We spent a week on this beautiful island, hiking every day through pineapple, banana, and citrus  plantations and pine forests, with the occasional beef herd in between.



These banana trees had to be propped up to support the weight of their fruit



The Common Myna are pretty birds with an impressive array of vocal sounds, but they are a pest. Introduced to the Islands in the 1800’s to control insects, they are now prolific and have reduced the numbers of native birds by stealing nests and destroying eggs and also cause damage to fruit crops.


The Soursop tree


Pineapple fields



A flowering pineapple plant




Beautiful rich looking soil



A papaya tree heavy with fruit


Wet feet again, the trails cross the river several times


Leaving Moorea


A full moon for the overnight passage to our next island, Huahine

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3 Responses to Wanting more of Moorea

  1. florence1924 says:

    What a stunning lush island! So beautiful – amazing photos Susie!! We are so lucky to share your journey with your wonderful blogs!! thank you so much!!! xxxxx


  2. Did you feel safe hiking around Moorea? We are leaving for French Polynesia in a couple weeks and are planning to hike without a guide.


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